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 .preloader {
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sponsor a survivor

The SOS Galgos ‘Sponsor a Galgo’ program is an opportunity for our supporters to set up monthly donations that help us enormously.

Which Galgo would you like to sponsor?

Do you have any further questions?
Contact us or write us at

Interested to join as a volunteer?
find out more
Sponsor SOS Galgos for companies
send us an email


Many of the dogs we rescue need months of care and rehabilitation. Often a galgo’s injuries are severe and require multiple surgeries and special foods that may be needed long term.

Sign up and you will be sent a certificate of appreciation with a photo of your chosen dog. Please note that this program is also an excellent choice for a gift. We will modify your message according to the particular needs of a holiday or birthday.

You decide the amount you would like to give
each month and the name of the dog you would like to sponsor. Take a look at our galgos to see which one touches your heart. Too many to choose from? We’ll be happy to pick one for you.

To make a recurring donation, go to the "Donations" page and select the amount and choose from the "Monthly", "Quarterly" or "Yearly" options.

The recurring button option only appears on laptops or desktops, not on mobile devices or tablets. Then please add the dog’s name in the “leave note to seller” box. We also have a credit card option.