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Our classrooms are now ready to receive schools. SOS Galgos conducts workshops based on empathy and compassion towards animals.

The children will meet our galgos and experience what life in the shelter is like. The charge is 6 euros per student and the money will be used to contiue to save lives.

If you would like your school to enjoy this experience, please contact us by writing to the following email:

Book Release

Natalie Knox is a dog-loving children’s author who lives in southern Spain. Her latest book, launching on 9th March 2024, is close to home and has a big message. It casts a rescued Spanish greyhound as it’s brave protagonist that saves the day due to his past life as a hunting dog. Spain has a long history of hunting and hare coursing with greyhounds. The cruel disposal of these dogs at the end of hunting season is sadly a common occurrence. Natalie Knox wrote and illustrated this book to raise awareness and cultivate empathy for animals in an endeavour to bring much-needed change through the next generation.

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SOS Galgos conducts workshops based on empathy and compassion towards animals.

Educational Workshops:

SOS Galgos has formed a partnership with the American School of Barcelona aimed at improving children's literacy skills.  Reading with dogs induces a sense of calmness and confidence, providing a comforable and warm setting in whch the children gain confidence and inspiration.

Dogs act as a reassuring and uncritical audience, who will of course not react negatively to reading mistakes made by the children. They can read to the dog uninterrupted by the comments of others, and without the embarassment which they may otherwise experience.

If we want children to learn to read well, we must find a way to induce them to read lots.

Please click here to view lesson plans for schools to choose from when coming to SOS Galgos’ school.

other programs

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Students read to Reading Programs:

dogs, to help improve their confidence and ability. A dog is a reassuring companion who doesn’t judge, which helps children feel comfortable reading. In fact, researchers at Loyola University Chicago found that children who read to dogs developed fluency at a rate 48% faster.

Introduction to the Defense of Galgos:

Students will learn about the work of SOS Galgos, about the mistreatment of galgos and hare coursing, so they know the ways in which we can change their situation.

Communication and Empathy:

Students will analyze how dogs communicate. Students will develop the social skill of empathy by learning how to identify nonverbal cues of dogs and how to appreciate a dog’s perspective.

Help me Find a Home:

Students learn that not all dogs have homes, but that rescue organisations take care of homeless dogs and work hard to find their forever homes.

Dog Investigators:

Through discussion and participation in a role-play that involves investigating a neglect case of a dog, students will understand the importance of providing for their needs.

Galgo Meet and Greets:

Students will learn how affectionate galgos are and what wonderful pets they make, to dispel rumours that galgos are unsuitable for homes. This will also help our galgos waiting for adoption to get used to socialising with children.

Advocates for Dogs:

Using role-play and engaging in pair and group discussions, students will learn that dogs need specific things in order to be happy and healthy.

Happy Dog Environments:

Students will create dioramas of indoor or outdoor scenes with dogs and provide all the necessary items that need to be included for them to be safe and happy.

A Happy Home for Every Dog:

Students will learn about dog overpopulation and homelessness as well as puppy farms and the conditions in which dogs are raised. Students will use a wide variety of resources to learn about these topics, including video, a math worksheet and discussing an individual dog’s story from homelessness to adoption.

Helping Homeless Animals:

Students read stories about dogs who have lost their homes and consider what could have been done differently to prevent them from becoming homeless.

What is the Cost of Care?

By assessing the cost of the care of dogs as pets, students will recognize that part of the responsibility of dog ownership is having the means to provide for their needs.

Galgo Osteopathy:

Animal osteopathy involves studying bone and muscle rehabilitation. This improves wellness and reduces pain. It’s like a massage for dogs! We will give all our galgos this treatment at the new centre, as animal osteopathy students will visit to gain experience.

How Much is that Doggie in the Window?:

Students will consider the differences between buying dogs sold for profit and adopting dogs from adoption centers by comparing descriptions of dogs up for adoption to advertisements of dogs for sale.

My Story: How Did I get Here:

Students will examine some of the many ways dogs end up homeless and in animal shelters. Students will translate this new knowledge into creating a first-person point of view piece, which they will scaffold prior to completing.

Environmental Education:

Students will learn the importance of wildlife conservation and work to fight climate change and plastic pollution.

Other classes to complement the school curriculum:

For example, children can study the anatomy of galgos for biology, calculate the cost of owning a dog for maths, draw a galgo for art or write a story about the rescue of a galgo for literacy or in a foreign language.


Our workshops will cost 6€ per child for two hours.

If you would like to know more or organise a visit, whether personal or for educational purposes, please contact:
Av. Barcelona, 102-104
Santa Coloma de Cervelló (Barcelona)

933 72 77 50